Dear Art Educators and Artists,

 The positive and negative contributions of globalization to our lives, which is one of the most important events of our era, affect the content and form of art education as it is in many areas. Increasing international competition, immigration and multiculturalism, the development of technology and information economics necessitate the changes in arts education. All these developments reveals a number of questions and problems for art education, which require research and policy development.

In this context, II. International Art Education Research Symposium will take place at Ankara University on 06-08 December 2018. The theme of the 2018 II. International Art Education Research Symposium is "New Paradigms in Art, Art Education and Research Methods". The congress will be organized with the contributions of Turkish Educational Research Association / EAB, the Ministry of National Education, Visual Arts Education Association / GÖRSED, Association of Art Educators / SEDER, World Education Research Association / WERA and International Associaton of Educators/INASED.

Within the scope of the symposium, "International Contemporary Art Exhibition" will be held between 6-14 December 2018 in one of the most important centers of art called “CerModern” in Ankara.  With this exhibition, we would like to provide the opportunity to exhibit the works of national and international artists and their contributions to contemporary art.