December 6-14 2018 / CerModern / Ankara / Turkey


The symposium will be organized with the contributions of Turkish Educational Research Association / EAB, the Ministry of National Education, Visual Arts Education Association / GÖRSED, Association of Art Educators / SEDER, World Education Research Association / WERA and International Associaton of Educators/INASED.The Contemporary Art Exhibition" aims to encourage artists to produce and present their works in an adventurous way within the interdisciplinary interaction of contemporary art.


The exhibition is open to all artists.

General Explanations 

1.    Each participant in the Contemporary Art Exhibition can participate with one piece of work for one participation fee.

2.    The long sides of the surface work must not exceed 2 meters. For the volume works (including adjustments),the long side of the base must not exceed 1.5 meters. Video presentations should not exceed 10 minutes.

3.    The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2018. Applications must be made to the email address. After the deadline, submissions will not be accepted. Exhibition participation fee is 50 Euros (175 TL for the participants who are attending from Turkey).

4.    By  October 31 2018, the necessary information (as indicated in articles a, b, c) must be sent to the address of in a file, which is registered with the name of the artist.

a)    Application fee receipt should be sent as in PDF or JPEG file format.

b)   Images should be sent as in TIFF or JPEG file format.

Ø  The artist's visual (300 DPI resolution, long edge at least 15 cm) should be sent as in TIFF or JPEG file format.

Ø  For the surface works, a detail visual with a front and back face of the work should be sent with a resolution of 300 DPI (at least 15 cm long sides) as in TIFF or JPEG file format.

Ø  For the volume works, (including adjustments), the work must be presented at a resolution of 300 DPI (long edges at least 15 cm) as in TIFF or JPEG file format that shows the work from three different angles.

Ø  For the video works, Full HD video should be sent in 1920 x 1080, avi, mov or mp4 format. Also, for the catalog, a video from the artist-preferred video content should be sent in 300 DPI resolution (long side at least 15 cm) as in JPEG or TIFF file format.

c)    Resume, technical conditions and scope of the work (within MSWord document that registered with the artist's name), Turkish / English resume of maximum 200 words, technical terms or features required for installation / display / presentation of work and name, year, technique and measurements in Turkish / English should be sent.

5.    The results will be announced on November 23, 2018 at http://useas.eab.org.tr and the works will be invited for the exhibition.

6.    The invited work must be sent to CerModern Anafartalar Mahallesi, Altınsoy Cad. No: 3, 06101 Sıhhiye / Ankara until December 4, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. The Exhibition Organizing Committee is not responsible for any problems that may arise during shipping delivery and for technical problems of the works.

7.    The invited work can be taken by the owner of the work from the address that mentioned above on December 15, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. For the artists who want to get their works by shipping, the shipping fee and responsibility belongs to the artist.
Works that accepted by the committee should
be sent ready to be exhibited.

8.    Participants who are eligible to exhibit their work shall be deemed to have accepted the conditions set out in the specification and participation form.

9.    An e-catalog of the works and participation certificate will be provided to the participants.

10. For the presentation, announcement and publication of the Contemporary Art Exhibition, it is possible to use the works of art in various media and publications without paying royalties. However, the name of owner of the art works and the necessary information of the art works will be used in the same announcements.

11. Participants must sign the "Exhibition Written Contract", which they can download from our website to conform to the exhibition specifications and send it along with the other documents to the  e-mail address.

12. Participants must fill the "Exhibition Application Form", which they can download from our webpage and stick it on the back of the work.

Contemporary Art Exhibition Deadlines

Deadline for submissionof of work images


31 October 2018

Deadline for committee to evaluate works


19 November 2018

Deadline for submission accepted works


04 December 2018

Deadline for exhibition registration


04 December 2018









Acceptance certificates will be sent to the owners of selected works. The works must be delivered by shipping or by hand, ready to be displayed. Shipping expenses of the works belong to the participants. Our Association cannot be responsible for any damages or losses that may arise due to damage, delay and losses from shipping, and wrong address information. Exibition Application Form should be affixed to the back of the accepted work (for canvas works) or to an appropriate place.


  • The exhibits worthy of works will be exhibited between 06-14 December 2018.
  • From the end of the exhibition, the works will be sent to the addresses specified by the artists, with payment by the artists. If the work has been established by the artist in volume works, it must be received again by the artist from the exhibition hall until December 15, 2018 at 12:00 p.m.

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